Welcome to my AccessAlly Review! Today I’m sharing why AccessAlly is the perfect platform for your dream membership site.

1.) What I’ll be covering in this review.

Oh my there are so many great things I have to say about AccessAlly.

But, first… full disclosure.

I’ve been an AccessAlly Certified Partner since 2015 and I’m an affiliate for AccessAlly. That means if you decide to purchase AccessAlly through my affiliate link… I’m financially compensated at no additional cost to you.

I have used AccessAlly on over 40 membership sites for my clients to date – including my own – so while AccessAlly is hands down my favorite membership plugin I’m here to share what I love most about it and where it gets tricky too!

2.) Who this review is for.

This review was created for you if you’re thinking about taking your membership site to the next level and you’re not in love with your current membership plugin, you’re using a cookie cutter looking all in one platform, or you’ve got multiple courses on multiple WordPress sites and you’d like to create a dreamy (and streamlined) hub where all your goodies are in one sweet spot on the internet.

3.) Why you should listen to me as the reviewer.

That’s a fair question! OK -> I’ve seen the inside guts of launches using AccessAlly, for the small business that’s just getting started all the way up to six-figure two week launches, so I know what it’s like to use AccessAlly to deliver projects that launch from $1,000 to $100,000 per launch.

WOW. That’s a big spread for sure, but we all start somewhere and I want your dream membership to get off on the right foot.

I’ve also worked with both DIY-ers (bootstrapping their first membership site) all the way up to well-established teams that have lots of layers to their projects too! So much fun.

4.) What features my clients are looking for.

My clients are looking for their dream membership site to do all kinds of things both big and small from:

  • Free Challenges
  • Paid Courses
  • Monthly or Yearly Memberships
  • Mastermind Experiences
  • Live Retreats and In-Person Events
  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Free Resource Libraries or Content Upgrades


  • Email marketing campaigns in ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, and Ontraport.
  • Progress Tracking
  • Gamification
  • Quizzes
  • Team Training

Here’s an inside peek at some of my favorite dream membership sites that I’ve created since 2014.

Melissa Cassera Obsessed Free Challenge

Tammy Guest Natupreneur Membership Dashboard

Lindsay Preston Unstoppable Course Dashboard

5.) How I found AccessAlly and what it is.

Ohhhh this is a great story. I had been stalking Nathalie Lussier ever since her 30-Day List Building Challenge (sometime around 2013-ish) and became obsessed with web design because I had a lot of trouble trying to create a horizontal opt-in.

Soooooo my business as a web designer/developer/membership site creator is a reflection of what happens when you meet just the right person (that knows a whole lot more than you do) at exactly the right time.

I plugged away teaching myself how to build websites while I was working a full-time job in retail management which I left in 2014 to run my biz from home full-time… YAY!!!

In mid-2014 I heard whispers of a beta for AccessAlly, the membership plugin that Nathalie was using on her 30-Day List Building Challenge Site – and I was like a drooling puppy dog waiting to get my hands on this plugin.

What I liked about Nathalie’s membership site was that it was not the same old boring looking Infusionsoft Customer Hub style site most Infusionsoft users were using at the time AND it didn’t have those icky looking registration forms that everyone using WishList Member had.

Those forms were so ugly and a total deal breaker for me!

In December of 2014 I purchased AccessAlly and built my first membership site over Christmas into the New Year of 2015. It was in the early stages and there were no pre-made starter templates back then so I call this time the wild wild west of AccessAlly. We were blazing new trails of what was possible when your membership site could look like ANYTHING you wanted, versus having those icky looking forms and yucky pre-made styling or rigid rules that you had to bend or workaround to use.

6.) Why AccessAlly is so dreamy.

One thing is for sure – no two projects for my clients are ever quite the same and that’s where AccessAlly shines the brightest of all the membership plugins out there.

It can handle any and everything my clients have requested to date, and after four years and over 40 membership site projects – that’s a whole lot of dreamy requests!

Don’t tell anyone this, the dreamiest thing about AccessAlly is hands down for me the support. True story – in December 2014 when I was getting my first AccessAlly site up and running into New Year’s Eve, Robin rescued me with an issue I was having using multi-site and made an AccessAlly plugin update just to help me out.

On a holiday weekend!

There aren’t many big software companies that go above and beyond to help small businesses succeed like the team at AccessAlly does.

7.) What’s tricky with AccessAlly.

The trickiest bit about using AccessAlly is that it can do anything and everything. I like to say that it’s best to start out with your Minimum Visible Membership Site first.

What’s a Minimum Visible Membership Site?

I’ll be writing about it in more detail next week, but it’s the first phase of your membership site and here’s a tip keep it seriously simple! You don’t want a Pandora’s Box situation on your hands.

More on the Minimum Visible Membership Site next week, I promise.

Another thing that’s tricky is AccessAlly controls access to things not the design of your membership site.

You can’t purchase it, turn it on, and pop in your content like you can with the all-in-one platforms like Thinkific, New Kajabi, and Teachable.

You’ll need to choose a theme. Or you can have the design look and feel created for you if you’re not all that tech savvy. But, even this tricky bit is a big win for AccessAlly because your membership site can look like your brand!

YAY! It’s as unique and dreamy as your business is AND it’ll be a one of a kind masterpiece that your members will love every time they log in.

8.) If you’re looking for the perfect membership plugin, here’s why you should take a peek at AccessAlly.

I could go on for days in my AccessAlly Review about how wonderful this plugin is, but my favorite reasons why you should use it are you:

  • Want a dream solution that’s capable of handling all of your goodies in one central hub.
  • See your membership site as an investment (not an expense) and you’re ready to invest in the best.
  • Are going to keep it seriously simple if you’re a DIY-er or hire a professional if you want something all fancy like.
  • Value your members experience and it has to be top-notch.
  • Want to serve different things in different ways like challenges, courses, memberships, masterminds, and retreats.

So there you have it. My 2018 AccessAlly Review! If you’d like to take a peek at AccessAlly Pro that’s the version I always recommend… click here!