Expert guidance to help you uncover the simplest path to bold results.

Creating a strategically simple membership plan is your first step to big results.


We all long for it, but it can be elusive… especially when running a growing online business. As a thought leader, you are used to being decisive - especially when sharing wisdom and insight with the people you serve. You lead them through the noise and overwhelm and take bold action both personally and professionally.

Maybe you need an expert to lead you now...

I'm Kimberly Gosney.


As an expert, I specialize in building simple, effective membership sites that transform content and course material into high-quality learning experiences. My clients are coaches, experts, and thought leaders...many of whom have successfully created courses and workshops in the past.

My clients have demonstrated value, built an audience, and leveraged their wisdom to grow a business.

For many this means...

  • Managing multiple platforms, software systems, and tools...
  • Adapting as those platforms change rules, capability, and pricing…
  • Feeling frustrated by restrictions that limit business growth…
  • Struggling with inconsistent branding and messaging…
  • Losing time, money, and momentum because the whole thing is simply out of control!

Leveraging your expertise is hard enough. Let’s make your online presence simple, bold, and easy to understand and manage.

Our work together begins by discussing your vision and exploring the possibilities for your business. We’ll evaluate how you're currently sharing your content… including any courses, experiences, or educational material you’re currently providing to your audience.

Together we will...

  • Discuss your offerings and the platforms and software you currently use to identify what you like (and hate) about the way things are now in your business.
  • Explore your vision for the future including your objectives for a course you’re planning to build or the site you’d like to create.
  • Identify what’s possible for your project and cut through the fluff to determine the essentials that will make your site super successful.

Not feeling like you have all the answers?

No problem… you’re in exactly the right place. Let’s combine your vision and my expertise and brainstorm together. I’ll guide you as you step away from overwhelm and move into clarity and vision.

During our first 60 minutes together, we’ll explore your business, your vision, and your course or membership idea. Then we'll break for thirty minutes before our second session starts.

In our second 60 minutes we'll create the strategic plan you need to make your membership site simple, bold, and impactful.

You’ll get a worksheet to help you gather your thoughts before our consultation, and my complete attention and excitement during our call.

At the end of our time together, you will receive your personal SimplyBold Plan - outlining the objectives, goals, launch plan and the structure for your membership site.

We can use this plan to guide our future work together on your membership site.

Your investment is just $500, and is applied to your project when we create your site.

Creating your SimplyBold Plan is the first step prior to us working together. Why? For your success!

Listen, I’ve been doing this work for a long time.

I’ve watched lots of people get stuck in the weeds - considering multiple possibilities and struggling with overwhelm. They’ve bloated their courses with tons of content or added all kinds of things that just weren’t needed. And as a result, their projects floundered and took forever to launch…and I don’t want that for you.

Strategic planning is the fastest, surest way to the bold results you desire.

Taking time now to plan and explore options gives both of us the opportunity to collaborate together on something amazing. That’s what I want for you...and that’s the way I work best.

Book your SimplyBold Plan!

Your SimplyBold Plan session is the path to launching your membership site without stress and overwhelm.