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I love to strategically partner with my dream clients to deliver value to their members. I love their projects and their missions and I want to do high level work to see them succeed.

A few of my dream clients are featured below.

MC Portfolio Image
Melissa Cassera


Melissa shows business owners how to make running a business feel like a total guilty pleasure.

Tammy Guest


Tammy is a business mentor, naturopath, entrepreneur, speaker, author, mother, and helicopter pilot in training.

LP Image
Lindsay Preston


Lindsay is a multi-certified life coach with a background in Psychology. Her passion is helping go-getter create a life they love.

Jennifer Dunham


Jennifer is a Profitable Lifestyle and Automation expert who helps driven professionals who want to learn how to not only love their success and career but also love their life fully.

CA Image
Chantelle Adams


Chantelle is a professional speaker turned Speech Stylist, Storyologist, and Courage Igniter. She helps you gain massive clarity from your story and then create a powerful message and platform for you to share it confidently and courageously with the world.

League of Her Own


Caroline and Charly know it's tough starting a business, especially if you're juggling a career, family, or even the general day to day life! They wanted a community where they could connect with other women creating a running businesses, for inspiration, friendship, collaboration and working partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

ROFL if only it were this simple, but alas pricing can be a really tricky bit. Typically my custom membership projects are created in layers.

Each layer starts at $2500 - $5000 based on how complicated or simple it is.

Keep in mind that membership projects can consist of many layers (like free challenges, courses, memberships, affiliate centers).

There's also all the things you might like to enhance your experience or the experience of your members like:

  • Gamification
  • Progress Tracking
  • Email Campaigns or Marketing Funnels
  • Sales Pages
  • Team Training

That's why I'm not able to quote you an exact price until I know more about your business and your membership site needs.

To start the process click here and answer a few questions about your business.

How long does it take?

You can't rush perfection... nor should you! While I get oodles of rush requests or can we squeeze this in by this time next month... it typically takes 3-4 months for the first phase of our work to be all dreamy like.

Are you an AccessAlly Certified Partner?

You bet your sweet buns I am. I'm a lifelong learner and take my education seriously. I was AccessAlly Certified in 2015.

Can you make my site pretty?

Yes and powerful too! I'm a weird hybrid breed of designer and developer all rolled up into one with a side of marketing savvy so funnels and launch plans are like a day at the beach to me.

Are you a "you" or a team?

Giggle... I'm a one woman show for now so if you're hiring me I'm the one that does the work behind the scenes for you. If you have a team I'm happy to provide you with team training videos as an enhancement to your membership package.

Everyone has their weakness, what's yours?

I'm deathly allergic to Divi and writing copy... those are both like TORTURE to me so I don't touch them with a 10 foot cattle prod. I can recommend peeps that love Divi and write jaw dropping copy if you'd like.


Back that dream up...