Starter Membership Sites


Without having to build your membership site from scratch.

No spending a gazillion and one dollars trying every membership plugin and theme out there.

No banging your head against the wall trying to fit your membership idea into a bland, boring-looking box.

No self-hosted membership services that only let you do "some of the things" or charge you a ton more for "all of the things" and even make you pay more when you have lots of members or multiple courses on your site.

What if you could just show up, pop in a few images, add your first month of content or first course module and...


How it  Works


Take the quiz to see if a starter membership site is right for you.


Book a FREE chat so we can get to know each other a little bit better.


After our chat if this is the right fit you'll place your order.

Frequently Asked  Questions

Q: Is a starter membership site right for me?

A: Maybe... maybe not! The best way to know for sure is to...

  1. Take the quiz.
  2. Book a chat.

Q: What's included?

A: A whole bunch of goodies to help you launch your course or membership without breaking a sweat.

Here's a taste of what's included!

A membership site with a spot for your course or membership AND a place to add your free masterclass or challenge to help you promote your membership!

Your choice of one of my fabulous starter membership designs.

Access to the tutorial library to show you how to personalize your brand spanking new membership site.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It's affordably priced at $1000 + $100/month.

And... I know what your next question is already... why is there a monthly charge?

The monthly charge covers the following goodies:

  • Hosting for your membership site
  • AccessAlly Pro license (Value $99/month!)
  • Theme, plugins, and other magic ingredients that make everything happen - which get really expensive for you to purchase on your own!
  • Weekly group Q&A calls - no membership site owner left behind.
  • Access to our Facebook Group for quickie questions and fast answers.
  • Tutorials that give you the power to use your membership site like a boss!

Q: What is NOT included?

A: Only a handful of things.

  • Imagery - like stock photos or pictures to use on your site. I will share my favorite stock photographers with you so you can buy the same images I use if you'd like.
  • Adding copy and content to your site. I'm happy to share my favorite resources for this with you too!
  • Your domain name (AKA where your membership site lives online)
  • Customizations, tweaks, or design changes to the look of the starter membership site you pick. 

Q: I'm ready to grab this now... why is the buy button locked?

A: Because this is a blended experience - part done for you and part membership - I want to make 100% sure that a starter membership site is right for you.

After you take the quiz, and book a chat, you'll find out how to place your order!


Take the quiz... go for it!