How to know if the free 15-minute chat session is right for you and your business.

Booking a free chat is right for you if...

You'd like to meet me face-to-face prior to hiring me for a SimplyBold Plan session.

I understand that it's really awkward to hire someone that you "haven't met yet" so this is simply a chance for us to meet without any icky sales pressure for a virtual coffee date together.

This is the first in the 3-step process to working with me.

What to expect during your free chat session.

 We'll meet via GoToMeeting and I'll make a recording of our chat time together. You'll be able to see me, meet me, and ask me a quick question or two, but be warned 15 minutes flies by fast.

After our chat I'll send you the recording link via email within 24 hours.

Heads up! You'll want to peek at the How It Works page on my site before booking your free chat so you'll know about the 3-step process to hiring me for your project.

What's not included in your free chat session.

I'm not able to quote pricing, whip up project proposals, or do a deep dive into strategy during our free chat session.

Book your chat!

Working with me begins with a simple chat. We’ll discuss your vision and my fit for bringing it to life. Let's start the process!