Terms of Service

Last updated July 19, 2018.

Thank you so much for considering me as your web designer/developer and marketing pro.

I know that the decision to hire someone to work with you creating your website or membership site is not one that you should take lightly! I've put together this terms of service so you'll be in the know about our work together.

1.) Refund Policy

Due to the highly personalized nature of our work together, I do not offer refunds for my work.

That said... my work is divided into buckets and you'll have my full attention during your chosen bucket.

Each bucket lasts three months and you may choose to continue working with me or discontinue working with me at the end of any bucket.

2.) Deliverables

Our work together is defined by deliverables. These deliverables are used as a guideline for what we'll be working on inside your bucket of time with me.

3.) SimplyBold Plan

This is the process that I use with my clients to determine what will be in your bucket. This gives us a way to scope pricing and deliverables based on a solid understanding of your needs.

4.) Project Quotes

I am happy to extend or enhance the scope of what we plan for your bucket inside your SimplyBold Plan session.

If extra work or functionality is requested you'll receive either an invoice if it will be added to your current bucket or a suggestion that it be completed within a new bucket.

5.) Bucket Timelines

  • January, February, March
  • April, May, June
  • September, October, November

I work with approximately 3 new clients per bucket to ensure that I'm not spreading myself too thin.

6.) My Status

I believe in showing up for you and doing the work as outlined in your bucket created during your SimplyBold Plan session with me.

I do not outsource my work and consider myself to be a freelancer.

The choice to outsource work is a very personal one and in my experience I believe that you're hiring me for my capabilities and expertise so for that reason I do not outsource my work.

Please note! I do not work for with or for your virtual assistants, team members on your team, or any parties other than the one that hires me.

Too many cooks in the kitchen cause massive communication delays that eat up oodles of your time inside your bucket.

I do communicate only when needed and strive to ensure I do not waste your time with endless meetings or countless follow-up emails or messages.

You'll hear from me on Monday of each week during your bucket.

7.) Hours of Operation

My business hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00 am EST to 5:00 pm EST.